Vision & Mission


The Institute will develop technicians and practicing engineers of world class standards to meet the ever charging technological needs of economy and community through academic excellence and partnership with industry business and professional cultural & social organizations. The institute will pursue programs for high skill and high wage careers for students will strive for regional economical development through research and collaboration.

INDIRA Mission

Indira Institute of Diplomam Engg. (Polytechnic) committed to Provide Quality Technical Education at the Diploma level. As a lead center for rural area it also aims to literacy in technical education adopting a philosophy of life long learning through variety of delivery modes.

INDIRA Core Values

The institute believes in

1. Sincerity and transperent operatons.

2. Accountability

3. Equity

4. High ethical and moral values.

5. Innovations(Advance/Modern)

3. Concern for environment.